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When everything changes, it is imperative that we change too. That we show the world that we can meet it where it goes. Facing the challenges of 2020, Siegel Speakers has been handed the opportunity to turn its anchor into sails. To continue being there for our audiences around the world. 

“We’ve done this by creating new opportunities during a pandemic. Our company is built on the foundation of providing world-class speakers the opportunity to connect and inspire audiences everywhere in new, unique ways.”

We feel strongly that our mission is more vital today than ever, and that is why our team and I are not slowing down on delivering on our promises. Our promise to motivate when the world is tired. To educate when it needs information. And to navigate its ever-changing paths alongside everyone we have the privilege to connect with.


Many have Heard What They Have to Say. Get to Know Who They Are.

Sarah Sheppeck’s dedication to clients and

audiences is unparalleled.


Hear key insights on how the company is winning during challenging times and how she uses her role as Director of Client Services to keep the momentum going.


What pivots have Siegel Speakers made this year to meet the challenges of today?  


"This year has been a challenge for many people and industries. Staying motivated and optimizing moments is at the core of what our speakers talk with people about every day, so we made sure to take pages out of each other's books. COVID-19 and its effects on the world called for a resilience that nobody could have predicted. Our commitment to our audiences prevailed, and we rose to the challenge."

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"Leaning more into live streaming, launching a new product series and other digital expressions, we've continued to deliver our messages. Meeting the needs of our audiences means we needed to find ways to be flexible and show up however possible."

"We've been doing that and we're going to keep doing that with the safety and health of everyone in mind."

They have stories to tell, and they’re getting them out there. Beyond the stage, our speakers are delivering their stories across books and podcasts.

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BEYOND AVERAGE: Developing Yourself Through The 20X Principle


by Robert Hamilton Owens



with The Carl Thomas




by Marlene Bizub, Psy.D.


by Louie Gravance

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The Power Of Words Can Change The World

–Especially During Uncertain Times

We understand that COVID-19 has created many challenges for speakers and event planners. We also know that the world needs inspiration and positive guidance more than ever right now.


Siegel Speakers believes in using that mission for good. Representing voices from many backgrounds has given the company the unique ability to reach audiences just as diverse. In that, Siegel Speakers has established an industry-marking perspective that is catching the ears and hearts of audiences everywhere. Barry Siegel, CEO, has led the company’s impressive roster of informational and motivational speakers on their mission to inform, inspire, and impress. Spanning industries and topics, the company’s curated roster of professionals is ready to share their stories and voices.


We keep getting stronger. We’ve expanded our roster with new incredible speakers. By the end of this year, we’ll have tripled the amount of exceptional talent we can place in front of audiences. We’ve been nimble enough to survive. We saw a big opportunity to continue inspiring and informing the world during these challenging times. We heard our call of duty clearer than ever, and we answered it by using our collective voices to help shed light on darker times. We’ve stayed true to our mission.

“Despite so much changing around us, we kept our core intact. We are a company of change-agents, and we knew more than ever that we had to stick to it. We’re more dedicated than ever to doing good for the world around us. Inform. Inspire. Impress. That's what we do.”