There are two types of speakers:

The first are purely INFORMATIONAL speakers. These are the speakers who are experts in their fields. Their goal is simply to inform and to educate.

The second are INSPIRATIONAL speakers. Their intention is to inspire the audience to take action to improve their personal lives, the lives of their colleagues, and the world. This kind of “change” requires a speaker who can not only deliver useful information, but also and more importantly, can deeply inspire listeners to want to take the often uncomfortable steps necessary to remove the emotional barriers that might prevent that kind of growth.


What We Do

SIEGEL SPEAKERS is proud to represent voices from diverse backgrounds. From names well-known for their accomplishments to everyday heroes with rich backgrounds — through their triumphs and losses, they've all learned lessons worth imparting. We want to make sure those lessons are not only shared, but put into practice. 

Our clients don’t simply lecture; they effect change. We want our clients’ audiences to leave not simply motivated, but inspired to do good things with good people. 

INFORM. INSPIRE. IMPRESS. That’s what we do.

Barry Siegel

BARRY SIEGEL has over 35 years of experience in the field of sales, marketing, fundraising, and special event management in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Barry’s career began as a “gofer” for a professional sports team and grew to where he served as Vice-President for a professional sports team and eventually a major restaurant company. Barry reached the place where his experience and substantial network provided him with what it takes to assist people who are passionate about sharing their personal insights.

SIEGEL SPEAKERS emerged organically when an existing client asked for help securing a major keynote speaking engagement focused on the importance of great customer service. This process proved so successful that others began to enlist Barry’s assistance with preparation, marketing, and booking. Through social media and speakers’ events, the business has grown significantly. The company now has a complete team including a Video Producer, Designer, Social Media Manager, Sales Representative, and Virtual Assistant to support the effort.